Lau's Taste in Beer

Well, for a start, Real Ale, of whatever variety.

The brews locally available are:

Charington's I.P.A.
Not particularly strong, either in alcohol or in taste; just a simple, comfortable session beer.
Wadworth's 6X
Somewhat stronger, again in both senses.
A St. Austell brew. Perfectly good as a session beer, with some taste.
HSD (Hick's Special Draught)
The more lethal St. Austell brew. Hardened drinkers who have never come across this ale tend to think they can drink gallons of it... as its ABV is not awfully high. Until they are used to it, about three pints is makes them wobble and the fourth sees them off. A.K.A. Hick's Sudden Death.
Doom Bar
This is one of a range of beers brewed quite locally (4 miles away) at the Rock brewery. It is an extremely tasty beer. Probably my favourite beer at present. It's available in quite a few pubs in the area, but I think the only remote place you will be able to regularly get hold of it is in the House of Commons bar!

There are a wide selection of other real ales you can find not too distant, but you have to get there. The above is all I get at the pubs I normally walk to.


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