Port Isaac Chorale

Musical Director: Janet Townsend, BA, ARCM.

Accompanist: Maureen Wakeham, ARCM.

Port Isaac Chorale was formed way back in 1992. I eventually ran out of excuses not to go along, and have been a member ever since. Our first recording was made in St. Mary's, next door to where I live.

Our second recording was on the 28th of May, 1996. This was the 60th anniversary of a concert held by a prior choir of the village, and remarkably there were half a dozen of the original choir able to attend! (Unfortunately, I was working in London at the time and couldn't get there).

The membership at the time was:

June Bryant, Caroline Cleave, Sue Coster, Sue Flitter, Elaine Found, Liz Hosking, Sarah Kingsbury, Mary Lethbridge, Barbara Oxley, Denise Randell, Jo Sherratt, Ann Steer, Margaret Tucker, Angela Williams, Rosemary Williams.
Margaret Cann, Kathy Carney, Christine Hawkey, Carol Hurd, Carole Lee, Jenny Oaten, Barbara Richards, Liz Rowe, Gina Smart, Linda Ward.
John Lethbridge, Laurence Reeves, Peter Rowe, Bryan Richards, Nigel Sherratt.
Jon Cleave, Michael Mably, George Oxley, Richard Smart, Mark Provis, George Steer, Ernest Tucker, David Ward.

As you can see, not exactly a tiny choir. On the other hand, we're always interested in more recruits...

Our repertoire currently stands at about forty pieces, not including carol season stuff. (For one reason or another, we do three distinct arrangements of "The Holly and the Ivy".)

Amongst out broad spectrum of music (most of which we can do unaccompanied... one exception being "Bridge Over Troubled Water", which just sounds silly if sung with gaps in it!) we touch base with madrigals, show songs, spirituals and pop.

We are just about to go in for another competition at Wadebridge (7/3/1998), a festival at Truro (12/3/1998) and a concert in the village's pottery (18/3/1998).


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